Partnering with you to help your child thrive

Tandem Therapy Services was founded in Las Vegas in 2000 by Chris Holcomb, Ph.D. — a doctoral-level behavior analyst who’s also a speech-language pathologist — and Amy Holcomb, an occupational therapist.

In the last 20 years, Tandem has grown to be a leader in the Las Vegas Valley for providing comprehensive, evidence-based treatments for children with autism. Tandem is a comprehensive applied behavior analysis (ABA) program that promotes training and education and creates life-changing outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities.

Our team offers individualized treatment plans that infuse ABA therapy into all aspects of our patients’ lives.

Our Team

Monica V. Huron, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Clinical Director

“Every child is an individual, and they deserve to be treated in such a way.” — Monica Huron

Monica Huron is a clinical director who oversees two Tandem Therapy Services sites. She began her career in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in 2017 as a registered behavior technician with Tandem.

That experience ignited her love for the field and her commitment to the families she serves. She redirected her graduate focus from marriage and family therapy to ABA, setting her on a path to be a clinical leader at Tandem’s Las Vegas Centennial and Charleston Learning Centers.

Monica has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of New Mexico and a master’s in special education with a focus in ABA from Arizona State University. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Monica grew up in the Las Vegas Valley.

Elvira Kuchuryan, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Clinical Director

“My passion is to help children overcome the barriers associated with developmental delay and fully integrate into society while teaching parents the tools needed to advocate for their children.”

Elvira is the clinical director for Las Vegas. She was introduced to the field of applied behavioral analysis at Cal State University of Northridge (CSUN) while teaching parent training classes for parents with children with special needs. She went on to pursue a master’s in clinical psychology from CSUN and earned her behavior analyst graduate certificate through the Florida Institute of Technology. Elvira joined Tandem in 2013 as an advanced behavior interventionist in the Los Angeles region and moved to Las Vegas in 2020.