What We Offer

When we say we offer personalized treatment plans, what we mean is what works for one family may not be the exact plan that works for another. Since autism affects each person differently, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

We strive to find out what makes your child unique and what goals are important in your household. Then, we work with you to set practical, achievable goals. We use evidence-based ABA strategies and objectives to reach those milestones.

Our clinicians have a deep understanding of how people across the autism spectrum are different. We celebrate those differences and are dedicated to offering an effective personalized approach to their care.

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Partner With Us

When it comes to setting goals for your child, we’re on the same team. Our licensed, board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) work alongside parents and caregivers to tailor treatment that fits your family’s unique needs. We track milestones along the way and celebrate successes together.

Tandem offers a robust assortment of ABA-based services, including:

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