What are Social Skills?

Social skills help us talk and connect with others. They involve speaking, body language, and more.

Important social skills include:

  • Playing together
  • Pretend play
  • Starting conversations
  • Taking turns
  • Following instructions
  • Respecting limits
  • Recognizing feelings
  • Showing empathy

These skills let us interact with family, friends, and others. Yet, some people with autism struggle to understand social signs. At Tandem, we use contemporary ABA therapy to help your child grow skills and feel confident in social situations.

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Social Skills Programs Often Include:

Discussion, modeling, role play, and positive reinforcement

Creative projects and enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities

The social skills your child gains with ABA can teach them the usual behaviors needed for success in school and life. Our methods are scientific and proven, helping thousands of families overcome autism-related challenges.

Various locations offer daytime, after-school, and seasonal Social Skills Programs. To find a nearby location, use our location finder here.